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This Spider spins a web of performance, speed, and good looks

Quick notes

The 4C Spider is a gorgeous Italian luxury sports car built by the classic sports racing Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romero.

Unfortunately, the 4C Spider gets low ratings from most expert test drivers. It is considered one of those cars that you have to drive for yourself to see if you like it.

The US News gives it a scorecard rating of 5.9/10 while Edmunds rates it a 6/10. Not exactly rave reviews for an Italian luxury sports car.

Despite the drawbacks, the Alfa Romero 4C Spider has a 0-60 speed of 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 160mph. Perhaps those flaws were noticed at low speeds?

Alfa Romero

Alfa Romero is an Italian luxury car manufacturer producing automobiles since 1910. It is known for its sporty cars and involvement in car racing. Their cars are known for their powerful engines and agile handling. The 4C Spider continues that history.

Alfa Romero 4C Spider

The Alfa Romero 4C Spider is a rear-wheel-drive Italian sports car available in the spider body style. The coupe has been discontinued. The 4C Spider is a transverse mid-engine 1.5L turbocharged I4, outputting 237hp, featuring a 6-speed dual dry clutch transmission. The manufacturer’s standard retail price starts at $66,900.

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Expert reviews

Experts review test driving the Alfa Romero 4C Spider rate it relatively poorly, but most admit that if you can overlook some of its flaws it can be pretty sweet. There are no complaints about how the exterior looks, only interior complaints.

It’s considered to have outstanding handling, quick acceleration with good fuel economy. Specifically, it’s been described as having “snarling acceleration, razor-sharp handling, exotic Italian styling, lightning-fast shifts…and (an) addictive exhaust note,” according to Cars. This sounds promising.

There do, however, seem to be quite a few cons. Most notably, the interior is not considered comparable to other members of its class. The interior has been described as absurdly cheap, which paints a pretty bad picture.

One reviewer mentioned that it reminded him of a go-kart interior. Not great for a luxury car. The cabin space is short (apparently the reviewers don’t review many Italian cars), has few tech features and is considered to have a stiff ride.

Considering its speediness and lightweight body frame, it’s likely the stiff ride is intentional.

“The Alfa Romero 4C Spider is not considered a car for daily driving. To be honest, most people buying an Alfa Romero Spider 4C probably aren’t buying it for their daily commute. It’s probably mostly for weekend and pleasure rides.”

Standard features include cruise control, rear parking sensors and a rearview camera. The rear safety features were introduced for the latest model year — likely due to the near-universal complaints about the poor rearward visibility.

For all the complaints of the Alfa Romero Spider 4C, most cars in its class are either cheaper or significantly more expensive. It seems to stand alone, so it’s likely being unfairly held to the higher standard of its more expensive peers.

Driver reviews

Sadly, no reviews for the current year model of the Alfa Romero 4C Spider could be found.

“Based on looks, specs, and reviews, this is one you likely need to test drive for yourself before making any snap or final judgments.”

The Alfa Romero 4C Spider seems like a nice weekend sporty luxury car, not a daily driver. With high speeds and no cabin storage that’s likely exactly what the maker had in mind. This isn’t a carpool minivan.

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