All you need to know about the classic E-Class

Quick Notes:

– The E in Mercedes-Benz E-Class stands for the German word Einspritzmotor.

– The German word Einspritzmotor means a fuel injection engine.

– The E-Class series has historically been Mercedes-Benz’s strongest selling class of vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz, the German luxury automaker with a name synonymous with class and driving excellence, has been producing the executive car, E-Series Class since 1953. The E-Class or E-Series of Mercedes-Benz has historically been a larger executive style sedan with luxury features. The second highest in the Mercedes-Benz line of premium luxury vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz naming system denotes the base model by the letter. For example, the A-Class is used to classify their executive hatchbacks, C-Class represents the low-level mid-sized luxury sedan, E-Class is for the larger luxury sedans and the S-Class is the signature luxurious Mercedes-Benz line. When moving to the crossover and SUV classes, GL stands for SUV, and the class letters are added. So an SUV version of the C-Class Mercedes-Benz would be the GLC. As further cars and lineups have been added to the Mercedes-Benz stable, the name classing system has remained the same. Additional letters can denote the engine capacity of the vehicle in question.

The E-Class as it’s currently constituted began in the early 1960s. Most people have generally believed that the E stands for executive, but it actually stands for Einspritzmotor, which is the German word for a fuel injection engine. The E-Class series of Mercedes-Benz has always been a fuller sized more robust vehicle geared towards executives and daily executive commuters. A more serene luxurious ride that you can spend time in as you battle rush hour traffic back to your home, to your stay at home wife in the suburbs type Mercedes-Benz.

The current E-Class models offer standard either rear-wheel drive or the patented Mercedes 4Matic four-wheel-drive system. The E Class has traditionally been Mercedes-Benz best selling model being known for durability along with its size. The E Class Mercedes-Benz has been always been offered in the classic four dour renditions, the current series is rounded out with a station wagon version and both a two-door coupe and two-door convertible model.

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is second only to the S-Class in the Mercedes-Benz brand in terms of luxury and craftsmanship. The most recent styling features a smoother, curvy aerodynamic design. The engine is an upgraded inline-6 from the standard V6 and four-cylinder base model engines which are offered alongside a four-cylinder diesel. The E-Class sedan comes standard with a 9-speed shiftable automatic transmission on a four-cylinder 241hp engine, rear-wheel drive and featuring all of the luxury accessories and detailing that comes standard with Mercedes-Benz.

The current edition also features a technologically advanced autonomous driving that uses various motion sensors, cameras, and radars to scan the route and pilot the vehicle at speeds of up to 130mph as long as the driver has both hands placed upon the wheel.

E-Class Sedan and Wagon

The E-Class most drivers are probably most familiar with is the classic luxury full-sized sedan offering. With more urban and stylish trims available, the E-Class sedan is popular across a broad market class. The E-Class sedan received high J.D. Power ratings in quality, reliability, resale value, dealership and driving experiences.


The E-Class wagon is really where the styling kicks up a notch. This could literally be the hottest station wagon on the market right now. Possessing all of the same features and practicality of the E-Class sedan, the Wagon adds increased storage capabilities that don’t negatively affect the styling. The E 63 AMG S 4Matic Wagon may be the greatest kept secret of the stylish and practical Mercedes-Benz options.

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E-Class Coupe and Convertible

The E-Class really looked to keep the Mercedes-Benz bases covered by also offering the E-Class Couple and E-Class Convertible options.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe features a sportier two-door design that comes standard with the inline-6 engine, extensive personalizable options, and semi-automated driver assistance technology.


The E-Class Convertible is the sportiest offering in the E-Class series of Mercedes-Benz offering the same features as it’s hard-topped version above.


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