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Does this ugly duckling’s practicality save it?

Quick notes

-Old-fashioned styling

-Good towing power

-Dated interior

Nissan trucks have a fantastic reputation, so you’d assume that the Nissan Titan has a lot going for it. It’s got a lot of power, that lets you haul pretty much anything you need to. It’s even got a spacious cabin.

All is not rosy in the world of the Nissan Titan, however. Want to know whether you should get one? Read on.

Power and economy

By far, the most common engine on the 2019 Nissan Titan is a 5.6 liter V8 that produces 390 horsepower. This is enough for pretty much any purpose. The seven-speed automatic transmission directs said power to the rear wheels or all-four, as required.

“If you’re looking for more power, the Titan XD’s turbo-diesel can lug up to 12,000 lbs of cargo.”

Economy-wise, they’re as thirsty as you’d expect. The unleaded engine gets a combined mpg of 18, while the diesel engine can get around 19.

For pure towing capacity, we’d recommend the diesel engine (provided you aren’t opposed to its more lumpy power curve).

Exterior looks

The Nissan Titan is not a pretty truck, not even when compared to other Nissan trucks. It’s noticeably uglier than its stablemates, like the Nissan Frontier.

The Titan looks like it came out of the early 2000s. Perhaps even worse, it looks like someone has taken a truck from the early 2000s and then modified it with some bodywork. There’s absolutely nothing special about this truck, unfortunately.

The only redeeming feature on this truck is the grille, which does feature a decent amount of chrome.


Driving the Nissan Titan, unlike other Nissan Trucks, can feel very ponderous, especially when you have to handle corners. That’s not to say there’s a problem with braking: the brakes are very responsive.

Steering is sharp on the highway, even if at lower speeds the rhino-like turning circle feels unbearably lumbering.

Acceleration is fine: the truck hits 60 mph in seven seconds, which is decent, but not outstanding. The Dodge Ram and the Ford F-150 can both hit it faster.

If you’re looking for a truck to take off-road, the Nissan Titan is an adept performer. Its optional four-wheel drive and diff lock make it capable of handling most terrains.

Interior and tech

Truck Hardware / Flickr/ CC BY 2.0

The truck’s dated looks sadly continue on the interior. The truck seats either three or six people. While most people will find the cabin fairly spacious, the legroom can be quite tight for taller passengers. The fit and finish are good, but the materials feel very cheap, and the layout of the controls isn’t that well thought out.

The tech is a big let-down, unfortunately. The seven-inch screen feels very old-fashioned. The voice control system is overly complicated. The USB connections are also hard to navigate, and the layout is cumbersome and tricky to use.

Standard equipment is spartan, with a six-speaker audio system, satellite radio, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto fitted as stock.

Optional equipment includes climate control, navigation, more speakers, and Siri Eyes Free. It could be a lot better. Like the exterior and drive, the interior is average, and nothing more.


A lot of safety tech is, sadly, not standard on the Nissan Titan. Other Nissan Trucks offer far better standard equipment. For example, the Nissan Titan doesn’t feature blind-spot navigation, cross-traffic alert as standard.

“While these are optional, other features like adaptive cruise control and lane assist aren’t available at all, which is shocking in 2019.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Titan a rating of four, while the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it a “good” rating. Quite why Nissan didn’t think to provide the truck with a better range of optional safety equipment is beyond us.


If you can get the Nissan Titan cheap, then, by all means, buy one. However, when compared to the Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram, it just doesn’t measure up.

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