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Don’t be scared off by the hundreds of former drivers. Rentals have had just one very careful owner

Quick Notes

  • Rental car fleets are subject to rigorous schedules for inspections and service

  • Under Hertz’s Buy With Assurance Program, you can return your vehicle within 7 days of 250 miles of purchase

  • Hertz’s vehicles come with a 12-month warranty and have additional protection plans available for up to 120,000 miles

Thousands of rental vehicles are retired from company fleets every year. Many rental companies, including Hertz, sell cars directly to customers through their car sales divisions.

Buying a car from a rental company has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is the company’s focus on maintaining the vehicles while they are part of the fleet to keep its customers safe. On the other hand, a car owned by a rental company was likely driven by dozens of customers or more during its rental life. Each driver had their own driving style, aggressiveness, habits, and priorities. All those quirks and trips have an impact on cars’ exteriors, engines, and interiors.

Here are a few particular things to keep in mind when purchasing a former rental vehicle from Hertz car sales.

What do I know about how the car was maintained?

Rental car fleets undergo inspections and service by certified technicians according to rigorous schedules. Every Hertz vehicle undergoes a 115-point inspection and passes all requirements before being accepted at the dealership.

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As Hertz describes it:

“Only the best vehicles become part of the Hertz Certified inventory. Most are carefully selected from our rental fleet, undergone extensive pre-delivery inspections and passed all requirements to be accepted as a Hertz Certified vehicle. You don’t have to worry about what you might find under the hood of your pre-owned vehicle, because we’ve already inspected it for you!”

The mileage on Hertz’s rental cars for sale may be lower than you’d expect. Many of Hertz’s vehicles are only a year or two old and sold with just 25,000 to 40,000 miles on the odometer.

What warranty coverage is available?

Because many cars from Hertz car sales are relatively young when they are put up for sale, they are often still covered under the factory’s new vehicle warranty.

Under Hertz’s Buy With Assurance program, you can return your vehicle within 7 days or 250 miles of purchase. Return your vehicle to the Hertz location where you purchased it. Hertz will inspect the vehicle for damage and wear and tear, then buy it back for the original price minus a fee for recertification and cleaning.

All of Hertz’s cars come with a 12-month/12,000-mile limited power train warranty. It provides for the repair or replacement of covered parts relating to mechanical, engine, transmission or drive axle breakdown.

Protection offered by Hertz does not end when the vehicle’s warranty expires. Hertz offers vehicle protection plans through Fidelity Warranty Services with three different protection levels. Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, you can purchase up to 120,000 miles of coverage.

“Only the best vehicles become part of the Hertz Certified inventory… You don’t have to worry about what you might find under the hood of your pre-owned vehicle, because we’ve already inspected it for you!”

For more information about Vehicle Protection Plans offered by Hertz car sales, visit Fidelity Warranty Services.

What about prices?

Hertz sells its cars with a “no-haggle” price. Pricing can be one of the advantages of purchasing a used car from a rental company according to Edmunds.com: “…because the rental car agencies buy vehicles in volume and pay less upfront, their resale prices can be lower.” According to Edmunds, “…the wide selection and no-haggle pricing make them worth your consideration when you’re used car shopping.”

Hertz also offers used car purchase financing that is designed to be simple, flexible and secure. Through their financing portal, you can browse the inventory of available vehicles, estimate car payments via the online payment calculator, and apply through the online credit application form.  You can even calculate your budget first, then search only for cars that line up with what you can afford to pay.

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