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But, how much is that new F150?

Quick notes

  • Shelby souped-up the Ford F150 to a street-legal super truck

  • The Super Snake puts out an impressive 755 horsepower

  • A new 2020 Sport version will soon be available

Carroll Shelby founded his independent race car company in 1962. He wanted to market high-performance, modified vehicles to the average customer, and not just the race car community. His U.S. company, Shelby American, is known for the souped-up Cobra Mustang. 

However, Shelby is not a Ford company. Shelby American has a cooperative relationship with Ford to modify their vehicles into high-performance beasts.

“Shelby is synonymous with muscle, performance, and one-of-kind styling.”

Back in 2017, Shelby American set its sights on producing a new super truck it termed as a “muscle truck.” The company wanted to blow away all other super trucks like the Ford Lightning.

Because Shelby was putting its name on the truck, it was not going to be an average F150. Not by a long shot. That’s when the 2018 Shelby F150 Super Snake was born. 

So how does a Shelby Super Snake differ from the Ford F150?

Shelby redesigned the Ford F150 to make it faster, a lot faster. Shelby took Ford’s trusty 5.0-liter V8 engine with 395 horsepower and changed it up a bit. They decided an engine upgrade was needed if they were going to put their name on it. It was most definitely upgraded.

The standard engine has been modified with a supercharger, raising it to an astounding 755 horsepower.

But that kind of performance does not come cheap. Only 150 of the trucks were released in 2018. And the sale price? The Super Snake retailed at $113,445. For a Ford F150? It needed to be pretty spectacular to earn that price tag. 

Matti Blume / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 4.0

Shelby reported it has a new version of the Super Snake up its sleeve. In 2019, the concept 2020 Super Snake Sport F150 debuted at the Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association show. The Sport version added many upgrades to the 2018 Super Snake.

Shelby wants their new F150 model to be the ultimate-performance truck. 

Shelby designed this new truck to answer all the requests for a sportier two-door version of the Super Snake. It lowered the suspension, updated the brake system, and added a new scoop and grill on the hood.

Shelby also collaborated with Borla Performance Exhaust to boost Super Snake’s exhaust system. It now has polished dual-exhaust tips and a “deep growl.” 

The 2020 Super Snake enhanced and added many new features

Shelby promoted several other upgrades to the new Super Snake. Some of the notable advancements are performance tires, chrome wheels, and a tonneau cover. For some added style, the 2020 version also has a powder-coated supercharger and intake manifold. However, Shelby did keep the traditional racing stripes on the exterior. 

A truck with all of these bells, whistles, and horsepower isn’t much good if it doesn’t handle well driving down the road. Shelby collaborated again with Borla to upgrade the Super Snake’s handling. The 2020 version of this super truck is said to have improved handling over its predecessors.

An enhanced 10-speed transmission was added to turn all that horsepower into more speed. 

“Shelby took Ford’s trusty 5.0-liter V8 engine with 395 horsepower and changed it up a bit.”

Performance trucks such as these are not necessarily known for their plush interiors. But because it’s a Shelby, they wanted the interior to be a step above the previous Super Snake. The new interior includes Billet racing pedals, updated leather upholstery, carbon fiber trim, and Shelby floor mats. 

Shelby listened to the devoted Super Snake followers and redesigned the exterior as more of a muscle-car, two-door version of the truck. It’s more aerodynamic and reportedly “meaner” than the standard Super Snake. It’s available with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. 

The Shelby F150 Super Snake is not your grandma’s pick-up truck. The company wanted to build a king-of-the-road, super-fast street truck that was a “nightmare” for all other performance trucks.

Mr. Shelby passed some years back, but the company believes this truck lives up to the Shelby name as one of the fastest street trucks around. 

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