The classic Italian motorcycle brand, Ducati, has relaunched the Scrambler series of motorcycles for 2019.  Ducati has long been associated with premium motorcycles and at first glance, the relaunched Scrambler motorcycle series is no exception to the sleek styling and classic looks long associated with the motorcycle brand.  The Scrambler motorcycle was first introduced in 2014 for the 2015 model year and is considered a standard roadster motorcycle which would generally compete with the classic Harley Roadster motorcycle.  The 2015 model of the Ducati Scrambler motorcycle was a revival of the original Ducati Scrambler motorcycle line of dual-sport singles made from 1962-1974.  The 2019 edition of the motorcycle improves upon that revival.

The 2019 Ducati Scrambler motorcycle comes in 6 models which include a slightly more rugged motorcycle model for the more adventurous rider, a classic style motorcycle, and a track-style motorcycle model; all while still being considered a street motorcycle roadster series and maintaining those features.

6 Ducati Scrambler Models

The 6 Ducati Scrambler motorcycle models available in the 2019 relaunched series are the Yellow Icon model, Tangerine Icon model, Café Racer model, Desert Sled model, Full Throttle model, and the Sixty2 model.  Each motorcycle model has custom, and further customizable features, in line with what has come to be expected from the classic Italian motorcycle brand.

The relaunched 2019 Ducati Scrambler motorcycles feature aluminum side panels on a steel teardrop gas tank,  black crankcase with brushed finish cylinder head fins, standard Bosch cornering ABS and an updated hydraulic clutch featuring a lighter feel and adjustable lever.

The Ducati Scrambler’s lighting has been updated with new LED headlights, daytime running light, self-canceling LED turn signals, ergonomic switchgear, and single LCD gauge with fuel level and gear position for much improved day, evening and night driving.  The improved lighting also improves safety, while the self-canceling LED turn signals improve safety on the road.

The Ducati Scrambler’s ride has been improved with updated suspension, better ride position, flatter seat, wide handlebar, and all models arrive compatible with the Ducati Multimedia System making for a more enjoyable and entertaining ride.

The Icon, Café Racer, Desert Sled, and Full Throttle motorcycle models come with the same standard L-Twin, Desmodromic distribution, 2-valve, air-cooled 73 hp engine, single stainless steel muffler exhaust, aluminum silencer cover, and 2 lambda probes.  They also come standard with a 6-speed transmission which features a hydraulically controlled slipper and self-servo wet multi-plate clutch.  The chassis is built on a tubular steel trellis frame with a Kayaba suspension with minor variations across the models accounting for motorcycle ride purpose.  The Sixty2 features a similar engine, transmission, and chassis, but only offers 40hp.  As the best selling Scrambler model, it suggests that the Sixty2 might be the first motorcycle for riders wanting to upgrade from their scooters, but aren’t ready for the speed and power of a motorcycle with higher horsepower.

Icon Model

The Icon comes in 2 models, the Yellow Icon and the Tangerine Icon.  The Yellow Icon comes in the classic Ducati 62 Yellow and features classic motorcycle styling featuring interchangeable aluminum side panels, machine-finished belt covers and restyle muffler cover.  The wheels have been updated to aluminum 10-spokes.  The engine features black cylinder heads and brushed aluminum fins.  The Tangerine Icon features all of the above in the classic Ducati Atomic Tangerine color.

Café Racer Model

The Café Racer features new graphics inspired by the 125 GP Desmo in a new Silver Ice Matt color with blue frame and seat, and black spoked wheels, aluminum 60’s racing-style handlebars with end mirrors.

Desert Sled Model

The Desert Sled features a more rugged design for off-roading while maintaining the sleek classic style and design.  The Sled is modeled after the 60’s and 70’s US off-road motorcycles with a red frame and overall White Mirage color, front mudguard, high plate holder, extended rear fender, and adjustable Kayaba Suspensions.  This model features Pirelli Scorpion Rally ST tires and black spoked wheels.  It also includes a dedicated riding position seat.   The chassis has been upgraded to account for more non-traditional road-handling and its rugged style.

Full Throttle Model

The Full Throttle is a flat-track, Frankie Garcia, inspired model featuring a black and classic Ducati Atomic Yellow tank, black frame and seat, side numbers, machined aluminum 10-spoke wheels, and flat track-inspired seat with passenger cover.

Sixty2 Model

The Sixty2 is the most popular Ducati Scrambler motorcycle of all time.  It features Skater and Pop Style, or Urban, inspired details in Atomic Orange and black styling.  In some markets, it is also available in Ocean Grey and Shining Black.  It features a 14 It drop steel fuel tank, glass parabola headlight and LED light-guide perimeter, higher and larger handlebars with round steel mirrors and relaxed riding position.  The Sixty2 comes with an air-cooled L-twin, 2 valve engine with light machined aluminum covers; the Desmodromic 399cc, 41 hp. It also comes with aluminum 10-spoke wheels and new exclusive enduro-type Pirelli tires.  The finishing styling is a classic design steel tube swingarm and black exhaust with an aluminum covered silencer.

The relaunched 2019 Ducati Scrambler line of motorcycles features new and improved styling with improved suspension and the continued capability for extensive personalized customization.  With pricing starting at $9,395 US, coming in at more than $2,000 less than the Harley Roadster, it gives you room for those customizations without breaking the bank.  The relaunch 2019 editions of the Ducati Scrambler motorcycle series features better ergonomics, aesthetics, and cornering while maintaining sleek and high-end styling at a classic roadster inexpensive price providing value while offering that classic, expensive look, Italian motorcycle styling.