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Are you ready for a street-legal McLaren P1?

Quick notes

The McLaren P1 GTR outputs a total of 986hp

The McLaren P1 GTR is not street legal, but there is a street-legal version of the McLaren P1

A company started doing aftermarket conversions of the McLaren P1 GTR making them street legal

McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 was built between 2013 and 2015. It is considered by some to be the successor to the F1, which was considered the world’s greatest car. Others have argued that the actual purpose was to have the most excellent car for road AND track, which is what the McLaren P1 aimed to be.

Given an initial run of 375, McLaren then proceeded to order that another 63 be produced. Of the 63 that were produced, five were called the McLaren P1 LM, which is the non-modified street-legal version of the McLaren P1. The remaining 58 were sold as the P1 GTR, which is the racing track, McLaren.

“Production for the entire P1 line was entirely completed by the end of 2015.”

Naturally, once McLaren stopped producing the P1, many people wanted it. Due to high demand since the end of production for the P1, the pre-production McLaren’s called the eXperimental Prototype XP, and 5 Validation Prototypes have since been restored, modified, and sold to additional customers.


The McLaren P1 had a minimum sale price of $1,150,000 when it was released.  The pricing range on resales from private owners has been quite broad. The 1st McLaren P1 GTR ever built was put up for sale in 2018. It had an asking price of $7,000,000. The P1 has certainly held its value.

The standard McLaren P1 is a plug-in hybrid luxury sports car that is outfitted with a 903hp gas/electric hybrid 3.8L engine. Specifically, it’s outfitted with a 3.8L 727hp V8 alongside a 177hp electric motor.

“This second electric motor isn’t a nod to conservation or energy consciousness, but so that the gas engine works BETTER.”

You know this is a serious car when the engine has its own engine. The available horsepower on this car is just ridiculous.

The GTR, which is the racing version of the McLaren P1, produces 986hp and can hit speeds of 225mph. The GTR also goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.4 seconds. This is a severe piece of automotive machinery.


For a car this expensive, you’d think the interior might be the knitted fur of kittens. Nope. The interior is carbon fiber and remains in line with the interior of a racing car.

“Removable steering wheel, switches, buttons, and the sliding side window complete the racer’s interior.”

No fancy luxury frills here. McLaren stays authentic to the theme here, which is racing.

The expert test reviews mostly tend to be in awe of the sheer power behind the McLaren P1.

With minimal production, owners of the McLaren P1 GTR were tired of limiting their driving to the racing track only. They wanted to make the P1 street legal, so a customization shop started doing conversions.

Once street legal, the McLaren P1 GTR still lacks insulation and sound-deadening, along with a glass side window. So it maintained the same racing car features but was now modified to be street legal.


Those who have driven the P1 for review purposes, all indicate that the engine seamlessly transitions between electric and gasoline portions. It’s negatives, if one was to treat the P1 like an average ride, is that it’s low to the ground and offers a poor view from the rear.

The McLaren P1 may literally be the greatest car in the world.

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