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What happens when an American racing legend meets and is inspired to transform a legendary American family of trucks? An All-American automotive legend happens. Meet the ultimate All-American truck: the 2019 Shelby Ford F-150 family of trucks delivering power, performance, and attitude.

The Shelby Collaboration

Shelby American, founded by racing legend Carroll Shelby, manufactures and markets performance versions of Ford products in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ford and Shelby collaborated on the development of the Ford GT in 2004, then accelerated their relationship in 2005. Shelby has developed performance versions of the GT, Mustang, and Raptor.

Ford’s F-Series has been the best-selling pick-up truck in America since 1977, and the best selling vehicle in America since 1986. But that’s not nearly enough for American automotive innovators. Legendary tuner Shelby has turned the same powers that transformed the Cobras and Mustangs to the class-leading F-150. Every Ford F-150 can get you through it all, but Shelby’s versions deliver even more All-American power, performance, and attitude.

All-American Power

Shelby’s 2019 Ford F-150 family of models have an available 5.0 L V8 supercharged base engine that can produce 750 hp, 300 more hp than produced by the Ford Raptor’s 3.5 L dual turbocharged V6 engine.

All-American Performance

The Shelby F-150 is fiercely equipped for road performance. Ford’s Shelby truck is fitted with a steel Boria exhaust system that delivers dramatic sound that will have you standing out on the street. The Shelby truck is available in four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. It features an upgrade over the Raptor F-150’s suspension. The Shelby truck features adjustable dual-stage shocks, an auto-shift to rear-drive and a locking center differential. All that gives drivers the chance to customize the truck to meet their preferences on the road or off-road. The F150 Raptor’s bed has been upgraded. The 2019 Shelby bed includes a sports bar with off-road lighting and two spare tire mounts. The Shelby features Rack-Pinion steering with a curb to curb turning diameter of 47.8 feet.

All-American Attitude, Inside and Out

Shelby trucks’ power and performance embody its All-American attitude before you even notice their styling.

The new 2019 Ford Shelby F-150 remains a SuperCrew Cab Styleside but has received many exterior design improvements. The new 2019 Ford Shelby F-150 is available in bright blue featuring dual racing stripes and a single side stripe across the bottom of the doors. The new Ford Shelby F-150 has a steel rear bumper featuring LED lighting. It has shackle mounts for off-road rescues. There are red and white details on the windshield, tailgate, and rear fenders. Not to mention double intake hoods, fender flares and ground effects that set the Ford Shelby truck apart. And the tires? The Shelby F-150 uses 22-inch retro chrome wheels and performance tires that deliver firm grip and high performance. The Shelby Truck is a red, white and blue-trimmed All American icon that proudly bears the Shelby and Super Snake badges.

Inside, the Ford F150 Shelby features leather seats bearing the Shelby logo. This truck is upfront with its attitude and style, not the least bit shy. Interior dimensions vary somewhat from model to model, but the F-150 Shelby has the capacity for six passengers. In the front, there is 40.8″ of headroom, 43.9″ of legroom and 66.7″ of shoulder room. In the second row, there’s 40.4″ of headroom, 43.6″ of legroom and 65.9″ of shoulder room.


The new 2019 lineup features several models, including the F-150 Black Ops, the F-150 Shelby, and the F-150 Super Snake. Here are some of the highlights of each.

F-150 Black Ops

The 2019 F-150 Black Ops model delivers upscale luxury for off-road adventures. It features a black exterior with 20″ alloy wheels, blacked-out factory badging and Black Ops door cladding and logo that immediately command attention. And it’s as American as it gets, having been developed in honor of the brave men and women who fought and continue to fight for Americans’ freedom. Money is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project for every F-150 Black Ops model produced.

F-150 Shelby

The 2019 Ford F-150 Shelby delivers even more power through more than 45 high-performance upgrades unique to Shelby. Drivers have the choice between the naturally aspirated 5.0 L V8 engine producing 395 hp or, if that’s not enough performance and attitude, a supercharged engine producing up to 750 hp. Between that power and the unmistakable Shelby All-American striping and badging, heads will turn… and fast.

F-150 Super Snake

The 2019 Ford F-150 Super Snake is one of the most powerful street-legal pickups ever made. The Super Snake features a modified, tuned and supercharged version of Ford’s popular 5.0 L V8. Shelby added a supercharger to deliver 755 hp and added a modified version of Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission. The Super Snake is more than power. Starting with the original Ford F-150’s suspension system, Shelby tuned it to accommodate all that extra power and added performance tires to ensure maximum traction to put that power to the ground. The Super Snake features aggressive and striking looks that include a body kit, racing stripes, Shelby badges, a bed cover, a numbered dash plaque, leather upholstery, carbon fiber trim, and billet aluminum pedals.

Legendary racer and tuner Carroll Shelby continues to transform the legendary Ford F-150 and has now produced a full line-up of All-American trucks featuring power, performance, and full-throated/full-throttle attitude.