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An in-depth look at the Nissan Murano’s features

Quick Notes

  • For a mid-size SUV, the Murano is definitely worth a look-see

  • The brand new Nissan Safety Shield 360 is quite impressive

  • Driver-assist technology gives the Murano a big upgrade

The 2019 Nissan Murano combines safety, comfort, and affordability, making it a highly-rated choice for SUV drivers. There were a few price increases over last year’s model. The SV trim has the highest increase of $620, with the lowest price increase of $160 for the entry-level Murano S.

“The price point for the new Murano starts at $31,270 and goes up to $43,530 for the Platinum trim.”

The reason given for the increase is the brand new Nissan Safety Shield 360, which is offered on all models except the Murano S. As explained below, it bundles several new safety features together, giving the Murano one of the highest safety ratings in its class.

Front-wheel drive is standard on all models. All-wheel drive is available on all trims at an extra cost of $1,600. The standard V6 3.5-liter engine is in all models. It puts out 260 horsepower but isn’t quite as peppy as other models in its class.

Is the new 2019 Nissan Murano worth a test drive?

The new Murano is noteworthy for its user-friendly technology. After all, if the new features are too hard to figure out, they’re not of much use. The interior is another outstanding component of the Murano. It’s comfortable and spacious inside with cushy seats and abundant legroom.

An updated, more comprehensive navigation system comes standard in all models. The exterior of the 2019 Murano has sleeker styling and stronger lines, making it more aerodynamic than previous models.

Also new is a rear-seat reminder, which is triggered if the driver gets out of the car without checking the backseat first. It has a little less cargo room than some other models, but it makes up for it in different ways, such as the incredible safety features and roomy interior.

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The gas mileage of the new Murano is 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway. That score is higher than comparable to models in its class. This car seats five people comfortably.

According to the “U.S. News & World Report” review, the 2019 Nissan Murano was awarded the Best 2-Row SUV when rating value for sale price. It was also a finalist for Best 2-Row SUV for families.

The “U.S. News” also ranked the Murano as number 15 in the Midsize SUV category and number 24 in the SUV with two rows category. The above rankings are based on information from eight different sources, including “Consumer Reports,” “Automobiles Magazine,” “Edmunds,” and “New York Daily News.”

So what is the Nissan Safety Shield 360?

The group of safety features which make up the Safety Shield are only available on the 2019 Murano. It includes several different safety and driver-assist technologies.

“The six key features include emergency braking with pedestrian detection, automatic rear braking, high beam assist, blind-spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane departure warning.”

Another safety feature is Nissan’s ProPILOT Assist. It is said to reduce the workload on drivers by smoothly navigating stop-and-go traffic, maintaining vehicle speed under adverse conditions, and helping to stay a safe distance away from the vehicle in front.

Overall evaluation

J.D. Power gives the Nissan Murano an overall critic’s rating of 7.5. That score is compiled using a performance score of 6.9, a safety score of 9.5, and an interior score of 7.0. The reliability score given is three out of five stars.

“The interior is another outstanding component of the Murano. It’s comfortable and spacious inside with cushy seats and abundant legroom.”

Notably, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated the 2019 Murano’s overall safety as five out of five stars. It has not yet been rated by the Insurance Institute.

When evaluating all of the above information, the Nissan Murano is a decent SUV for the price. Its safety features are highly-rated, which most consumers would agree is the most critical rating of all. The long list of standard options and easy to use technology rounds out the pros of this vehicle.

Really, the only negative traits of this vehicle are the smaller cargo areas and the average engine performance. So, those consumers looking for a high-performance grocery-getter may want to consider other models in this class.

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