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With so many helmet options out there, you’re sure to find one you’ll love… and that you’ll wear.

Helmet safety advances

There have been many advancements in motorcycle and two-wheeled helmet safety. Despite a reluctance to do so once you’ve found one you enjoy, a motorcycle helmet should be updated with each safety advancement. Rider safety should always come first. Motorcyclists are very susceptible to danger on the road and accidents often end up being fatal. There is a reason that emergency personnel call motorcyclists organ donors. It’s best to remember this when purchasing safety gear. One can never be too safe on the road.

Some of the newest advancements in motorcycle helmet and riding safety include app-powered audio, augmented reality, cameras, and lights, along with emergency response features. These features really increase driver safety by limiting distractions and providing road views, and other emergency response features.

App-powered audio – Featuring a way to talk to fellow riders, control elements of your bike and reduce ‘fatigue-inducing engine noise‘, these advancements allow a rider to focus entirely on the road.

Augmented reality – Advancements will allow for GPS and a view of the speedometer will reduce the need to take eyes off the road. More focus on the road provides for greater safety.

Cameras and lights – High end and future helmets will allow for rearview cameras and 360-degree views. Body movement reduction and elimination of blindspots will greatly improve driver visibility and safety.

Emergency response features –  Future motorcycle helmets will likely include features that allow the storage of video and audio from a few minutes prior to any accident. It will also call or text your emergency contacts should you be involved in an accident.

With features like these, riders will be able to focus entirely on the road and know that if an accident happens or they need assistance, they will quickly be on their way.

One can never be too safe on the road.

New school vs. vintage helmets

Whether you choose to wear a new school or vintage motorcycle helmet, safety dictates that you should always wear it. New school features offer a lot of safety features that offer a much less distracted ride.

Many riders prefer vintage style motorcycle helmets, which are not the most technologically advanced, nor safest, but even a vintage motorcycle helmet is better than no motorcycle helmet.


Motorcycle helmet sales

You don’t have to wait until Boxing Day to get a great deal on a helmet; sales have already started. Sites such as have great sales on helmets right now.

Motorcycle helmet laws

Despite the universal agreement that motorcycle helmets save lives, in most states if you are over the age of 21 you’re not legally required to wear one. This really is quite crazy. Not wearing a motorcycle helmet greatly increases the chance of fatal results, and the risk of completely debilitating injuries.

Need to know which states legally require you to wear a motorcycle helmet regardless of age? They are: D.C., Alabama, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.

Motorcyclists are very susceptible to danger on the road and accidents often end up being fatal. There is a reason that emergency personnel call motorcyclists organ donors.

Regardless of the law in your state, it is ALWAYS recommended that you wear a motorcycle helmet for safety purposes. If you’re not happy with the one you have, give yourself the gift of a new motorcycle helmet this holiday season! Then, wear it.

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