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Teardrop campers

Quick notes

-Teardrop campers tend to be lightweight and a practical upgrade from a tent

-The campers invoke nostalgia for the olden days of sleeping under the stars, cooking outdoors, and becoming one with nature

Teardrop trailers are perfect for enjoying an elevated camping experience. Standard teardrop features include a double-sized mattress, outdoor cooking galley, and it’s easy towability, behind even a sedan.

Prices for teardrop campers can range greatly depending on the materials used, amenities included. Self-builds start at as little as $3,000.

So what’s available in the teardrop camper market, you ask? Let’s take a look.

Top teardrop campers for 2019

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TAB Teardrop Camper by nuCamp, starting at $22,000

TAB features an indoor kitchen and seating area that converts into a bed. It has an entertainment system and the option to add air conditioning, an extra cabinet or a bathroom. It’s like the Rolls Royce of teardrop campers.

Mount Massive by Colorado Teardrops, starting at $21,500

Large enough to sleep four, the Mount Massive features an outdoor kitchen and an indoor table and sofa for eating. These convert into a Queen size bed and two bunk beds.

Self-build Ultimate Big Woody Camper, starting at $3,000

This teardrop camper is what you’d imagine if someone said a 1940’s teardrop camper refurbished. It features an outdoor kitchen and fridge (YAY!), side tables, outdoor lights, power wiring, double bed, overhead storage, and tv.

Escapod, starting at $16,500

The Escapod is your more hardcore offroad teardrop camper. It has a pass-through door, outdoor kitchen galley, insulated walls, fan, food preservation system, and all-terrain tires. Base Escapod is pretty bare but does offer a bike rack or rooftop tent for additional people.

Teardrop campers are lightweight and easy to maneuver

Pika by Timberleaf, starting at $11,750

This one features doors on both sides and two sliding windows. It has an open kitchen, a double bed, and an insulated ceiling.

Oregon Trail’R FronTear, starting at $14,000 

This camper features a front flip portion, which makes the cooking galley accessible outdoors, with the rear fenders serving as platforms for kitchen space or other working stations. There are many upgrade options available, including an additional table or tv.

Vintage Overland Trailers, starting at $12,500

Very lightweight at 600 pounds, can be towed by almost any regular car. Overland’s theme is minimalism, meaning no bathroom or galley.

Little Guy, starting at $28,999

This camper has a complete indoor kitchen, wet bath, and indoor dinette. Heater, hot water heater, pantry, air conditioning, and entertainment system.

They come in a wide variety starting from $3,000

Polydrop Trailer, starting at $9,000

This energy-conscious teardrop trailer features a solar system, heater, and thermostat complemented by thick insulation. It’s the off the grid teardrop camper.

Vistabule teardrop trailer, starting at $17,995

The Vistabule teardrop is for those that may be a little more claustrophobic in a small space. With four windows, two portholes, and pass-through doors, it’s hard to feel closed in.

Micro Minnie Winnebago, starting at $23,845

This trailer is enormous and takes camping amenities to a whole new level. It has a bathroom with shower, full indoor kitchen galley, a double bed along with bunk beds, a table, and sofa. This is quite the teardrop trailer.

Benefits and downsides of a teardrop camper

Teardrop campers are lightweight and easy to maneuver. No motor home 25 point turn shenanigans here. They are easy to park and easy to store. They are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Teardrop campers do have their negatives. Due to their small size, they are not recommended for long trips. Quarters are tight, and the amenities are light.

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