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Is the Lincoln Navigator reclaiming its cool crown?

The Lincoln Navigator had always been a whip for the cool kids. A huge SUV with lots of room, lots of leather, lots of wood grain, and LOTS of chrome. At some point, the Cadillac Escalade surged past the Lincoln Navigator in popularity and the truck of the baller was relegated to the past.

As oil prices rose, and environmentally conscious voices became louder, it became a thing to buy a small SUV then rent a large one or a trailer if need be. The Mercedes line of SUVS, which are some of the least eye-pleasing SUVs of the past decade, became super popular along with Range Rovers. The car of the Queen and Queen Mum became the primary whip of rappers and NBAers.

The prevalence of crossover SUVs made the sportsperson, the ‘driver,’ and baller, want something with enough room for all their gadgets, gear, family, and people. There were cries for something fabulous and shiny, and Lincoln heard everyone. The new Lincoln Navigator hit the streets with the drippiest of paint, and the chromiest of chrome. It’s a boss truck.

Specs generally

The MSRP of the base model Lincoln Navigator is $75,825. The Black Label editions start at $99,970. Everything about the Lincoln Navigator screams ‘go big or go ALL the way home’!

There were cries for something fabulous and shiny, and Lincoln heard everyone.

There are 3 trim levels available – the Base, Reserve, and Black Label. You know someone was drinking Johnny Walker while they sketched out concepts and spec possibilities. Standard for each trim level is a 3.5L turbocharged V6 putting out 450 horsepower and 500lb-ft of torque. It’s a 10-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive. AWD is an option available for all trim levels.

The Lincoln Navigator is a standard seven-seater with a super comfy and luxurious interior, audio and infotainment features. There are nine colors available and the stock rims are great. The Navigator comes with your standard high-end safety features, idiot-proof sensors, and warnings.

The Black Label Lincoln Navigator

Just like Johnny Walker, the Lincoln Navigator Black Label denotes excellence. It comes in three featured themes – the Yacht Club Theme, the Destination Theme, and the Chalet Theme. Could it get any better than this?

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The new Lincoln Navigator hit the streets with the drippiest of paint, and the chromiest of chrome. It’s a boss truck.

Gas Mileage WHO CARES ABOUT THE GAS MILEAGE? No one who buys the Lincoln Navigator worries about gas mileage. This is a truck for ballers, shot callers, and those who want to be seen. This is not a truck for those who even consider mileage when purchasing a vehicle.

But for those who care, but feel they must have the Lincoln Navigator, you are in luck! There is a hybrid version reported to be on the way. Not a lot of details have been released, but Ford, Lincoln’s owner, is reported to be investing more than one billion dollars in upgrades to their facilities which are rumored to be focused on the electrification of many of their vehicles.


Edmunds gives the 2020 Lincoln Navigator a great 8.4/10. They state that “the Navigator looks and feels like it’s worth the money, especially from the inside.” Which is really one of the greatest compliments they could have paid it. They note that compared to other members of its class, you get better value for the money and better warranty protection.




You know you have reached the height of SUV excellence when the complaints relate to off-road handling (let’s be real, who is taking the Lincoln Navigator off-road with that drip paint job and those shiny rims?) and the fact it may not fit in certain garages. The Lincoln Navigator screams “hey, if I won’t fit in the garage, just buy a new house!”

You don’t buy the Lincoln Navigator to tow boats, you’re driving it to the yacht club.

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