This truck may not look like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it must be a strange experience to come up behind it. You think you’re driving the right way and then suddenly BOOM! You’re faced with the business end of a truck.

Two-headed blue truck

Except, it’s got two business ends. So how do they gas up? Can it drive both ways?


It’s one thing to be proud to be an American, but this truck owner may have gone a little overboard. In addition to the extreme paint job, it’s strange to see the wires and engine of a truck so exposed on the sides.

Truck painted like the American flag

We wonder if they have to watch out for critters crawling up in there? And what’s that large barrel for? Does it hold anything or is it just another decoration?

Drive Up A Wall

This weird truck isn’t actually a truck you’d encounter out on the road somewhere. It’s an art installation by Erwin Wurm using a Mercedes truck as a vehicle for his creativity.

Truck with the back half driven up a wall.

The idea is that the truck ran out of room on the road and ended up backing up into the building behind it. This picture truly gives a new meaning to the phrase “drives you up a wall!”

Impala Crossover

Get a load of this Chevy Impala Pickup Crossover Thing!

A Chevy truck mash-up

The bed and rear end of an Impala, the cab of something else altogether, and the front end of who knows. We’re not positive what this contraption should be rightly called but one thing is for sure: it’s a truck!

Bring Back the 50s

We haven’t seen backends of cars with those prominent fins since the 1950s, but it looks like this truck owner is bringing them back for another spin. However, that’s not nearly enough to make this list of weird trucks!

Retro truck rear from the 50s

The front almost looks like a bike and the middle seems to be taken from a delivery truck. An interesting amalgamation overall.

Frankenstein’s Chevy

This Frankenstein’s Chevy has the grill and headlights of a Trailblazer, the wheelbase and exposed axles of a Plymouth Prowler, the bodies of multiple vehicles, and the convertible top of a 1927 Model T.

Frankenstein’s truck monster

We don’t know what inspired this modern-day creator. It is truly a creature from science fiction that even Mary Shelley would be proud of.

Cute in Blue

Aside from the lumpy shape, we would like to note that the color is pretty cute. Plus, it looks like the owner takes great care of it.

A cute, blue lumpy truck

We’re mostly puzzled as to its purpose, though. Most people want a semi-truck to haul major loads across the miles, but this truck doesn’t seem capable.


It may not be a road-worthy truck, but there was no way we were going to pass this one up for the list.

A giant hot tub in a car

More of a location for a good photo shoot or something to show off to others than a real vehicle, but this tub is something for the ages. (And yes, we know it isn’t really a truck. But come on!)

Caterpillar Size Large

Back to your regularly scheduled truck post and it’s a doozy! This Caterpillar is a large wheel loader.

An enormous Caterpillar for the biggest jobs.

It’s made for big jobs, with the hardware to tackle anything. The tires are 12 feet in diameter, over four and a half feet wide, and cost $89,000 per tire. Considering how huge those tires are, that’s not too bad! Just try not to run over any nails on the job site.

Picnic Truck

There are so many things to mention here that we hardly know where to begin. The luxuriously plush carpeting inside? The fold-out steps?

A luxury truck for picnics

The beautiful woman enjoying her day? Or the set of wine glasses off to the side just begging you to have a drink. Honestly, we’d love to spend the night!

Floatplane Truck

This weird contraption is used to move floatplanes, but it looks to all the world that the back end is just hovering above the ground.

Floatplane truck that seems to hover

It may be a practical truck, but we’re willing to bet that more than a couple of people had to do a double-take when it passes by.

Elongated Truck

This truck is just plain silly. The red and orange stripes, the elongated cab, and then the bed on three pairs of wheels?

A long red and orange truck

Talk about something right out of Dr. Seuss. We have no idea what this truck was made to transport, but it can certainly handle a lot of it.

Real Monster of a Truck

This absolute unit was made to compete amongst other monster trucks and we’re willing to bet that it does pretty well.

A muddy monster truck

Apparently, it was made down in Georgia though so you might also be able to snag a few peaches out the window.

Moon Landing?

It doesn’t look like anything on Earth.

A long yellow truck

This must be a truck of some kind, but we think it looks more like a Mars Rover that’s somehow escaped its NASA containment facility.

Big Wheels

Like some of the other trucks on this list, this one has us at a loss.

A blue truck with large wheels

What is it for? Why are the tires so disproportionately large?

Chevy Silver-long

A Chevy Silverado has never looked so long in the tooth…or the cab.

Chevy Silverado in two long configurations

We personally prefer the second image, but the top one likely makes more sense for driving around.

Big Red Truck

Similar to the striped one you saw before, this truck isn’t quite as long.

A long orange truck

Plus it seems to have been painted by someone who had already settled on a single color.

Bollinger B2

As the CEO puts it, “The Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab’s unique features – including the 5,000-lb (2,268-kg) payload and large energy source to power tools – make it perfect for businesses, small and large.”

Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab

Teal Truck

We have to give this guy props for matching the paint colors so precisely, but we don’t think this looks very road-worthy.

A teal mixture of truck components

More than the tub car, sure, but not enough for a long trip.

Trucking Tricycle

At first glance it might seem like the truck is just balancing on those two wheels, but there’s actually a hidden third wheel underneath, making this the equivalent of a trucking tricycle.

The truck equivalent of a tricycle

Alien Truck

This is our second entry that looks more like a lunar lander than an actual truck.

The Mars Rover of trucks

Pretty in Pink

We’re not really sure what to make of it.

An adorably pink truck

This looks like a cute little entry on the truck list, but it might be nice to have for hauling around smaller things in the countryside.

Giant Truck

A huge truck carrying soil

This truck isn’t weird per se, but the enormity of it is certainly enough to catch your eye.

Power Truck

This truck is an impressive wrecker that utilizes the front end of a Dodge Power Wagon.

A badass Power Wagon towing truck

More power to the owner!

To the Office?

A large yellow truck

Though you might think this off-roading vehicle belongs out in farm country or the range, plenty of people keep trucks like this as their primary car so it could be cruising down the street on the way to the office, just like you.

Go Anywhere

Unlike most trucks, you have to shimmy your way in from the front or back because the massive wheels take up so much of the real estate.

The best truck for climbing over obstacles

However, the upside is that you can climb up and over just about anything.

BMW Truck

It’s a BMW-3 coupe with the strength and bed of a small truck.

BMW-3 coupe with a truck bed

What will they think of next?

Tank or Truck?

We’re not entirely clear on what this is; or if it’s even a truck at all.

A combination tank and truck

But it sure looks like one, right?

Sick 50

Known as Sick 50, this 1950 Chevy is true to its name.

Sick 50 ready to go anywhere

It comes with a 540 blower motor that lets you go anywhere your heart desires; even through a thick bog.

John Deere Tricycle

A truck with one front wheel painted green and yellow

Another entry into the truck-cycle group, this one seems to have copied John Deere for the paint job.

Spiked Wheels

A truck with an exposed engine and spiked wheels.

We can’t decide what’s more intimidating about this truck: the exposed engine and everything going on in the back or the massive spikes sticking out from the wheels.

Dodge Deora

The 1960s was a high-flying time for Dodge when they released the Dodge Deora, no customizations necessary.

1960s Dodge Deora

There’s a rumor that they’re re-releasing it in 2022 so you might be seeing these babies back on the road again soon.

The Titan

Terex is a division of General Motors, and they did something special with The Titan.

The Titan by Terex

The Terex 33-19 “Titan” was a prototype off-highway, ultra class, rigid frame, three-axle, diesel/AC electric powertrain haul truck.

Volkswagon Truck

An orange Volkswagon bus on large wheels

The Volkswagon Bus was known for being a comfy way to traverse the roads, but with this double-decker view, you can take that comfort wherever you want to go, even if your destination is off-road.

Precariously Perched

A precariously-perched truck on high wheels

Though this may be legal to drive, we really hope that this truck never takes any sharp turns at high velocities because it’s sure to flip over.

Parallel Parker

With three wheels, this truck can easily roam through the wide-open spaces of the world. Funnily enough, the two outer wheels can also lift slightly which gives the inner wheel the ability to turn and help you parallel park.

A truck with three front wheels

We’re not sure why you have to parallel park out in those wide-open spaces but to each his own!

Military Bus

A military tank and a schoolbus combination

A cross between a school bus and a military vehicle certainly leads to an interesting-looking creature.

Muddy Tires

A 1975 Ford truck with large mud-splattered tires

This 1975 Ford has some pretty massive tires to ensure that this truck can get everywhere it needs to go, as evidenced by all of the mud.

Custom Made

This is a completely custom-made truck.

A custom orange and black truck

We can only guess what the inside of the cab looks like, but the owner has definitely chosen a unique feel to match their tremendous building capacity.

Low Rider

When we listen to the song about the low rider, it’s hard not to think of this truck.

The low-riding truck

It’s likely challenging to get in and out of and it wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without scraping. But, it looks pretty cool!

Burrito Truck

When you’re out skiing the slopes you don’t expect to see a food truck, much less for burritos.

A yellow burrito truck made for the snow

So, this must be a pleasant surprise!


A lit-up ice cream truck

This tricked-out ice cream truck will be more than enough to warn anyone on the road where you might be going.

Billiards Truck

A truck with a billiards table in the bed

If you’ve ever wanted to play pool when you’re out and about then this truck would be perfect for you!

Yellow Truck

What does a famous basketball player like Joe Johnson do with 200,000 dollars?

A long metallic yellow truck

He buys the sickest F650 ever made. With a fuel tank holding 200 gallons it apparently costs 750 dollars to fully fill the tank.

Energize with Monster

For those of you who enjoy a nice can of Monster as a pick-me-up, this truck is custom designed.

A custom Monster truck made for the snow

The wheels are designed to cut through the snow with ease.

Ice Cold

This truck is made with over 11,000 pounds of ice attached to a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty.

A 2005 Chevy Silverado with tons of ice built around it

It must be freezing to be inside though. And you don’t want to take that truck anywhere the ice might melt.

Six Wheels of Monster

A six-wheeled monster truck

This monster truck really looks like it’s ready to destroy its competition.

Truck TV

A truck with multiple TVs and a many-colored paint job

Between the vulgar paint job and the high probability that the TVs in back weren’t showing what you want to watch, this truck is a real hazard to meet on the road.

Rat Rod

A muddy lack truck that is low to the ground

This rat rod truck looks like it could use some new paint, but the wheels are very intimidating.

Chevy Longfoot

The Chevy Longfoot can hold a ton of whatever it is you want to haul.

The Chevy Longfoot

The truck bed is a whopping 12 feet long!

Rival Ends

One of the truck entries that probably shouldn’t have been really tried.

A truck with a red front and a blue back

They didn’t even bother to match the paints!

Shark Attack!

A truck made to look like a shark

If there are words to describe this truck, we don’t know what they are.


The Pacifica is was made from a 1962 Ford Econoline that was modified by Gene Winfield.

A blue truck called The Pacifica

The Pacifica is unique because of its asymmetrical design, the driver side has two headlights and taillights, while the passenger side only has one.

No Snow

We’re more used to seeing trucks that have the same types of tires in the front and the back, but this is made for overcoming deep snow.

The green truck has normal front wheels and snow treads in the back.

This is the Honda T360 Motoculo. It was named “The Snow Crawler”.