Back to the Future

“McFly! Hello, McFly!” You’ll be hard pressed to find a DeLorean these days, but that’s exactly what we have here. Evidently, you can still find one, with pretty much the best Back to the Future reference you could have (“Flux Capacitor” is just too long, and so is “Great Scott!”).


Well, we’re not trying to judge people, but Washington plates (the land of Microsoft and Amazon), DeLorean, and a pet cat? This screams tech geek! If you see this car coming your way at speed, just make sure it hits 88 mph if you decide to play chicken with it.


This was one of the first vanity plates ever in Quebec, seen in September 2018. The folks at the SAAQ in Quebec (aka Quebec Department of Motor Vehicles, because we don’t understand the french acronym), must’ve been extremely puzzled when someone ordered “ETALLIC” for a vanity plate.


They must’ve thought it was a lame acronym too, but they’d be wrong, because add a little “M” and “A” on each end and you have “METALLICA!” “Je me souviens” is the Quebec motto (seen at the bottom of the plate), and it means “I never forget.” So basically, this plate reads, “Quebec will never forget Metallica!” Neither will we! Metallica rules!!!

Not so smart

Nobody every combined “clown, or “clown car” for that matter, with the word “smart,” until this clown made the move. Sometimes it makes sense to replace a “C” for a “K” for aesthetic reasons, but this is bit idiotic, because shouldn’t it read, “KLOWNKAR?”


Here’s the really troubling part about that: This person may have had to substitute the “C” in “car” for a “K” because maybe somebody already had “CLOWNCAR!” Well, at least it’s New York, where you can be assured that there’s just about every type of human being under the sun, including, gulp, clowns (and their embarrassingly small kars).

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