Chrysler Pacifica

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What exactly is the Chrysler Pacifica?

The Chrysler Pacifica minivan version was introduced in 2017 to take over what was known as the Town and Country. Which was the luxury version of the minivan including woodgrain trim and leather interior. The Cadillac of vans if you will. The Chrysler Pacifica has taken over the Town and Country’s role as the luxury minivan.

Chrysler Pacifica specs

The Chrysler Pacifica comes standard with a V-6, 3.6L 287 horsepower minivan with 9-speed automatic transmission with front-wheel-drive. There is also a hybrid version available which still comes in with a whopping 260 horsepower, which is pretty good for a minivan.

The interiors are luxurious with woodgrain and leather interior, and infotainment features galore. The Chrysler Pacifica, of course, comes with all the normal standard safety and driver-assist features.

The Chrysler Pacifica has taken over the Town and Country’s role as the luxury minivan.

The rise and fall of the minivan

At one time the minivan was everywhere. Every family had one, or wanted one. It was a large, generally inexpensive, family-oriented seven to nine-seater that was great for soccer runs, family road trips, grocery runs, and anything else a family might need a large spacious vehicle for. Trips to Costco or Sam’s Club had never been easier.

It was cheaper than buying a large SUV, more economical on fuel, and upkeep was generally cheap due to its mass popularity. So what happened? Well, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact decline of the minivan, but there are definitely many reasons that likely influenced its decline.

First may be the steady increase in gasoline prices. While more fuel-efficient than a large SUV, minivans were large and often carried lots of people making it more expensive to run than an average sedan. The trend towards environmentally vehicles and less driving also furthered the decline of the minivan. Third, is that most people are filled with shame at the thought of buying or driving a minivan. The flux of crossovers and small SUVs to the market meant that this could all be avoided. For the same price.

While a minivan may not be the best looking vehicle, the Chrysler Pacifica has been praised by test drivers and owners alike. It’s ranked number four in minivans so the general population must also agree!

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Things aren’t all bad for the minivan though, Lyft has announced that they will add the Chrysler Pacifica to their self-driving fleet. The Chrysler Pacifica is a type of vehicle greatly equipped to deliver in the ride-sharing market. The greater the seats, the more efficient the ride-sharing services being provided, and the greater the capacity for each individual ride. Holiday rides home have never been easier.

The Chrysler Pacifica may not be the first minivan choice for disabled riders due to the more luxurious interiors which will need to be removed in order to make the necessary adjustments. However, it is easily convertible along with its less expensive peers also made by Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth.

It was cheaper than buying a large SUV, more economic on fuel, and upkeep was generally cheap due to its mass popularity.

The minivan is not yet dead, but it’s been in a serious decline. To maintain or try to improve its market share, the Chrysler Pacifica is now offering some less expensive options in order to provide better option coverage in the minivan market. They also have a hybrid version which tends to satisfy the environmentally and fuel cost-conscious minivan consumer.

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