RIP to another icon of the past

Welp, it is literally RIP to another icon of the past. Chevy has turned the Blazer into what some have described as a grocery getter (men get groceries too, it wasn’t a sexist jab). The large, boxy off-road SUV is no more. Welcome to its crossover years.

The Chevy Blazer of the past looked like a box with wheels, handled like one, but was perfect for taking off-road, into the storm, and was easily customizable. We know times are tough for the auto market, but surely there must be something else that can be done instead of sticking iconic names on new ‘crossovers’ and family adapted vehicles street vehicles that are never destined to jump a ditch or hit the offroad mud.

The large, boxy off-road SUV is no more.

Full disclosure, this writer HATES crossovers. A power wagon fine, an SUV fine, crossovers are an abomination against everything a driver and auto styles should stand for. But the ‘customer is always right’ unless you’ve ever seen the Simpsons episode where Homer Simpson builds his dream car for his long lost brother’s automotive company, and the company goes bankrupt. Someone should send Chevy a copy of that episode.

A classic vehicle

This newest version of the Chevy Blazer is a crime against automobiles. A sin of the 4x4s if you will. Let us take a look at the classic Chevy Blazer in case time has allowed you to forget what a Wintertime fun beast this thing was. Does this road beast say ‘my driver wears a suit and Ferragamo shoes’? No, it does not. This truck says, ‘there is going to be a blizzard, we will make it over the hills, over the snow and dashing through the ditch,’ THIS is what the Chevy Blazer consumer comes to see.

This is the truck that makes it through any weather and any situation. Mostly.


The Chevy Blazer of the past looked like a box with wheels, handled like one, but was perfect to actually take off of the road, into the storm and was easily customizable.

The original Chevy Blazer

The original rough and ready Chevy Blazer was introduced in 1969 and built off a truck platform, which is why it’s soo large and had more rugged features. Today, it’s built on a crossover platform and is quite a bit smaller. The focus is on family comfort and on-road capabilities. So, in conclusion, NOT the same truck. At all. Despite this, no one figured that a new name was in order. The new Chevy Blazer isn’t all bad; it’s just not what your average Chevy Blazer consumer came to see.

It is literally RIP to another icon of the past.

The original Chevy Blazer ran from 1969 to 2005. The 2019 is an entirely new car. This is not an updated version of the original Blazer. There appears to be nothing that links this new Blazer to the glory days of the original Blazer. Nothing at all.

This new 2019 Chevy Blazer comes with a 2.5L 4-cylinder or 3.6L V-6 engine with a 9-speed transmission. It does not come in four-wheel-drive, which is an absolute travesty but does come in a twin-clutch all-wheel-drive.

It’s interior is not the classic one you felt could be hosed off in a pinch and the windows left open to dry, this one comes with heated seats and steering wheel. The styling is based on the Camaro, so it does look nice. Like a nice crossover that should have never been named Blazer. The crossover itself doesn’t look bad; it’s just that this is not what the original Blazer was ever about. Automotive companies need to stop slapping old names on just anything.

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