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Barrett-Jackson Auction

Barrett-Jackson is known for holding high-quality auctions of some of the world’s greatest cars. They are known as ‘The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions’. Located in Scottsdale Arizona, they have been in the collector car auction business since 1971. They are your top-class auction of collector cars, hot rods, and vintage automobiles.

Having been in the business for years, they hold world-class automotive lifestyle events. Over 500,000 people attend each of their four auctions annually. Every year they hold auctions in Palm Beach, Mohegan Sun, Las Vegas, and Scottsdale. If you’ve seen the kinds of cars that go for auction there, you can see why it’s so popular. These are really one of a kind, beautifully restored and/or maintained.

Just to give you an example of the types of collector vehicles we’re dealing with, some of the cars up for auction next are listed below:

1929 Buick Custom Sedan

1934 Dodge Custom Cabriolet

1934 Ford Custom Roadster

1937 Cord 812 Custom Beverly Armored Sedan

1947 Woody Station Wagon

We are talking some serious classics and great restorations and customizations. Take a look at the rest of the auction docket here. Please do. You will not be disappointed. Instead, you’ll likely be looking for the date of the next auction and closest hotels.

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First Corvette C8

The Barrett-Jackson auction is responsible for the sale of the first 2020 Corvette C8 that comes out of production with a VIN of 001. No reports yet on its color. But rumors are that it will be a Z51 edition whichever trim model it is. The C8 is the current generation’s redesign, and it’s expected to be spectacular.

The C8 is reported to be a Stingray and will be auctioned off for the benefit of the Detroit Children’s Fund. Fitting as Detroit is the home of GM which is responsible for manufacturing the Corvette.

The Corvette is on its eighth generation, which was redesigned for the 2020 model year. The reference of C8 is C for Corvette and “8” for the eighth generation. The first seven generations all featured front engines. For the eighth generation that has now been changed to a mid-rear engine.

This new engine for the C8 is what is called a ‘jewel in the center’ V8 6.2L engine. It has an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission outputting 495hp and 470 ft/lbs of torque. That is the most horsepower for any base-level Corvette. Nearly 500 horsepower on a base model Corvette selling for $59,995 is pretty crazy. It’s awesome to see how far technology has brought us.

We’re looking forward to seeing what color the first 2020 Corvette C8 is, and who the purchaser is. The money’s going to a great charity and an area that really could use it.

This won’t be the first Corvette that Barrett-Jackson has auctioned. Just this past October, they auctioned off Jim Osterman’s collection of 1 first-generation C1 Corvettes, along with one C2 Corvette. As with most of Barrett-Jackson auctioned cars, they were all immaculately maintained in top condition. It’s a fabulous collection and can be seen here.

This past auction season included a first for Barrett-Jackson, a 100 percent no reserve collector car and automobilia auction. This auction brought in $560,000 for charity earned from the sale of the three charity vehicles sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction Las Vegas edition. These three vehicles were a 2009 Ford Mustang Custom Couple AV8R, a 2018 Ford Fusion NASCAR Series Race Car, and a 2005 Ford GT.

A total of 677 vehicles for a total of $33.3 million+ ended the Barrett-Jackson auction season for 2019.

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