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The Classic Audi TT

The Audi TT is a 2-door sports roadster that’s been available since 1998. While we’ve seen many variations, the classic styling and reasons for loving it have remained the same. It’s stylish, speedy, and has that classic Audi look. Why “fix” something that works? Well, in the case of the Audi TT, it’s not sure that this is still working.

Much like other luxury roadsters, with the market geared towards smaller SUVs and crossovers, the sports roadster market has consistently dwindled. Audi TT sales have drastically reduced, and instead of waiting it out, the German automaker has decided that the Audi TT is in dire need of a massive overhaul.

What is it?

Just like the Maserati Gran Turismo has died a slow death to be (anticipatedly) reborn as an electric car, the same is said to be true of the Audi TT. If your first thought was glee, don’t let it be. Major changes are coming. And when I say major, I mean as in they just should have called it an entirely new car. Because that is what it is.

“It’s stylish, speedy and has that classic Audi look.”

The Audi TT is being reconceptualized as an electric SUV. HUH? Exactly. The sports roadster we’ve come to know and love is now an electric SUV.

The Audi TT as an electric crossover?

When the news first hit that the Audi TT was likely going to live on as an electric crossover, it would have been natural to assume that the crossover part of the phrase meant a crossover from a gasoline-powered car to an electric. But in fact, what was meant was crossover literally — as in auto crossover from car to small SUV.

The Audi TT roadster is moving from a gasoline-powered sports coupe to an electric-powered SUV. Not sure what the thinking here could possibly be. Electric cars have certainly increased in popularity, and many automakers are making a move towards increasingly electric powered or hybrid vehicles, but why change a beloved favorite?

Audi could introduce a small electric SUV with ANY other name. Technically, it will have a different name. It will be called the eTTron.

“The Audi TT is being reconceptualized as an electric SUV. HUH? Exactly. “

Audi eTTron electric SUV

After getting over the shock that the beloved roadster, the Audi TT, will now be an Audi eTTron electric SUV, more details had to be found. This Audi eTTron electric SUV is rumored to be considered a competitor for the Tesla Model 3.

“There are major changes coming.”

It is rumored that the Audi eTTron will be available in a variety of different variations with different levels of performance. It will likely be smaller than the Audi Q3 and will be updated so that the vehicle and its accessories and options will be managed and controlled through touchscreens and similar devices.

No more knobs, dials, or switches. It will be interesting to see how these are incorporated due to the known limited power time and range of electric cars. Moving those controls to digital will have a significant drain on the power source.

Buying the TT

It will continue to have that sports look the roadster had, with a driving range between 350 and 550km. With an expected MSRP of approximately $50,000, this one may be a hard sell. The TT reference is likely to be a hindrance, as opposed to a help in selling the new Audi eTTron. Despite the obvious misgivings, we’re interested to see the final product and sales outcome of the new Audi eTTron electric SUV.

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