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Reviews depend on who you’re asking – experts or drivers

Quick notes

– Volkswagen, best known as VW, introduced its first real crossover utility vehicle for production in 2007.

– The VW Tiguan Limited edition has been discontinued. The Tiguan otherwise remains in production for the 2020 year.

– The Tiguan gets mixed reviews from experts, but is loved by its drivers.


The Tiguan was Volkswagen’s first modern day foray into the CUV/SUV/truck business. People who drive Volkswagen LOVE their products as a general rule. But, whether you’ll love the Tiguan depends on its specific features and how it rides.

The Volkswagen Tiguan gets an overall 7.3 rating from Edmunds. Let’s check out the specs and what everyone had to say about the crossover utility vehicle.

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Specs

The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan retails from $24,295 for the base model to $38,895 for the fully loaded edition. It was redesigned for the 2018 year making it a much bigger vehicle. It now has an optional third row.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is an AWD offered with inter-cooled turbo 2.0L four-cylinder putting out 184hp on an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission offering a combined fuel economy of 24MPG.

In addition to the standard interior features, it also offers blind spot warning, four-wheel ABS, brake drying, panoramic sunroof, USB with external media control, turn signals in mirror, heated driver’s seat, trailer hitch kit, roof rack, and painted alloy wheels.

The Volkswagen Tiguan comes in ten exterior colors, your standard neutrals along with a bright orange and a fun, but serious, blue.

Expert Reviews

While obtaining average reviews, the experts do point out some areas for concern which relate directly to drivability. The acceleration and responsiveness are considered below average, which along with poor fuel economy are considered its major weaknesses. They claim that the ride is also not improved by the optional larger wheels.

The biggest negative related to the Tiguan seems to be the drive. It receives poor marks for its transmission, braking, handling, steering, and overall drivability. Drivability was rated by Edmunds at a 4.5/10. That’s pretty bad.

Comfort, interior, utility, and technology all get high marks, but with a 4.5/10 drivability rating, it may not matter how comfortable and useful the Tiguan is.


Driver Reviews

Driver reviews were significantly better than the expert reviews. Drivers rated the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan a pretty great 4.3/5.

One driver describes it as ‘a delight to drive around town‘, which is a far cry from the 4.5/10 Edmunds expert reviewer gave the Volkswagen Tiguan for drivability.

All in all, the reviews for the Tiguan indicate that if you experiment with the different driving modes, the issues most have with the acceleration can be eased but is still noted as problematic for most drivers. It seems weird that in manufacturer test drives no one noticed and corrected what appears to be a universally agreed upon issue with the acceleration.

Drivers of the Volkswagen Tiguan also indicate that it gets better gas mileage than advertised. Perhaps driving it in a different mode, which eases some of the transmission shifting issues and requirement of being heavy on the gas, vastly improved the mileage. Most drivers agree that the interior is comfortable and nice. All tend to agree that the overall comfort, utility, and price made the acceleration issue less significant. That might not be the case for a serious commuter or a driver more sensitive to the responsiveness of their car.

Conclusion: Test Drive

The Volkswagen Tiguan is really a crossover you need to test drive for yourself. The experts rated the drive quite poorly, but those who purchased it didn’t rate it too poorly. Most considered the comfort, utility and price to make the issues with drivability less important.

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